Why we're leaving the Yougov panel

To our surprise, this blog has been on the panel for pollsters Yougov since 2004. After cashing in our points, we've decided to leave the panel.

Yougov is an internet pollster, it sends us surveys every so often, asking us what we think about this and that. As an inducement to complete the survey, we're offered a token reward. The pay works out at about £3 per hour, well below minimum wage. We have a feeling that we've been asked to do more work for less pay, and that our insights are worth more than minimum wage to the clients.

(More: Opinion polls require knee-jerk responses from a limited diet, and mislead everyone.)

By making decisions in a bad way, we get bad decisions.

Fundamentally, we find ourselves arguing against opinion polls. They appear to be democratic but are not. We are limited to a pre-selected diet, while in a true democracy we would be able to put forward any response we wanted. The poll speciously limits our actions, the real world allows us to have two clashing ideas at the same time.

Public opinion is much greater than anything Yougov can measure. Public opinion is much greater than any binary choice.

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