Private sub-blog

Looking for the actual blog? It's here.

If you wish to read the private sub-blog, you need to do three things:

1) Register
2) Comment
2½) Wait
3) Read

Registration is required because this is a private sub-blog, one that contains information we might not wish to show to mother. You need to authenticate yourself somehow, and this is our chosen how. Here's the registration page.

The registration information required is minimal: a username (which you won't be able to change) and an email address (which you can). The server will send an email confirming your username and giving you a password. Entering this information in the logon screen will take you to the account page, where you can change your password, give other information, and so on and so forth.

You'll also have the opportunity to say "Remember me", which will set a small cookie so you don't have to enter your password every blimmin' time. Alternatively, the "Private posts" link top-right will take you to the logon screen, and then to the private posts.

You will need to provide a working email address in order to receive the password. The address you provide will only be visible to the blog administrator, and we won't disclose it to anyone under any circumstances.

Strictly speaking, commenting on this post is not required. However, we've set things so that commenters must be registered, and their first comment will only be posted on our approval. Putting a comment to this post (perhaps explaining who you are and how you know us) will allow us to overcome this small hurdle for all time. If you prefer not to comment, there will be another wait when you do reply to something.

It's then necessary to wait. When you register, the server will send an email to us. When you comment, the server will send another email to us. Once we've recovered from the flood of emails, we'll confirm your comment, and turn your user from a regular Subscriber to a Friend. We'll generally be doing this in the early evening UK time.

(For those who know WordPress: Subscribers can read posts, and comment upon them. Friends are a new group we've created through the Role Manager add-on, they have access to the Private posts we make.)

The final step is to read what we write, and comment on it. We're not going to tell you how to do that.

If you only want to see the private posts, they are all in a hidden category "Private". The URL is

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